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Because of your generous support the Star Kids Movie can now continue. Once your email address is entered into the system you should get a thank you email.


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About perks:


Online Access Pass:

Once episodes are produced and put online you will get an email giving you access to view it online. The first two episodes are currently in post production and will be released at the next event. The same goes for the Star Gate bonus material.


DVD subscriptions:

Each DVD has two episodes. Once two episodes are produced we will release a DVD with those episodes. You will get DVD's of the episodes that have been produced approx. every two months. Our first DVD is currently in production and will be released at our next event.


Forever Pass:

Once we set a date for an event you will be asked via email to RSVP. Events are first come first served. If you can't make it to an event you are welcome to forward the tickets to a friend.


The Producer:

As long as you are a member you name will appear in the credits of the episodes produced during that time.  If you want a unique name (such as a company name etc.) in the credits please let us know.


The VIP:

Once you become a VIP member, we will notify you when we set a date for our next audition and the next shoot. Our goal is to shoot every three or four months. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.