Become a member of the movie!

Did you know that if just one person a day becomes a member of the film we could fund this entire project? That person could be you! By becoming a member not only will you help get the movie produced and out to kids but you also you get lots of fun perks from party invites to even being in the movie! Pick a level below and join the fun and make a difference all at the same time!


Also, by becoming a member of any level, not only will you help hundreds of kids see the film via our non-profit outreach efforts but we will also gift a needy family a membership on your behalf as well. And, don't worry, you can cancel at anytime.

The Star Gate Online Access Pass

mo.                                               Help 300 kids!



As a special thank you, you get to see the episodes streamed to you online as they are produced.


You also get special access to the top secret Star Gate Portal: The gateway to all things Star Kids: The NSA diaries, behind the scenes footage, making of, directors blog, Dr. Trueheart's library and lots more!

The Star Kids DVD Subscription

mo.                                              Help 400 kids!




As a special thank you, we will mail you a special collectors edition DVD as the series is shot and produced. Each DVD will include 2 episodes and tons of making of footage and special features! We will also include a feature film version if it is produced and possibly an animated series.


The Friends and Family Forever Pass 

mo.                                              Help 600 kids!


And bring your friends - forever!


This is our most popular level! As a thank you, you and up to five of your favorite friends are invited to all of our theatrical events!

They are fun and entertaining events that celebrate the Star Kids movie. They usually feature food, entertainment, prizes, contests, visits by the cast and crew, screenings of the films and sneak peaks of work currently in production. We have them at fun venues like Central Cinema and the SIFF Uptown Theater. Our goal is to have them every three or four months.


AND this level includes the Star Gate Online Access Pass as well, so if you can't make an event, you can still see the films online!


*Well almost forever, this project sometimes feels like forever but we really mean as long as you are a member.



The Producer 

mo.                                              Help 700 kids!




Got that Hollywood itch? Now's your chance! As a big thanks to you, we will not only make you an honorary associate producer of the film but we will put your name in the credits of the episodes produced while you are a member. You also get a credit in the final feature film if it is produced. Wanna go pro? You also get a credit on our formal listing on!


AND this level includes the Star Gate Online Access Pass AND the Friends and Family Forever Theatrical Pass. You get to see the films online in HD and come to the parties!




The VIP 

mo.                                              Help 1000 kids!




We love you for helping us so much! As a huge thank you we want to put YOU in the movie! Not only does this level include the perks from ALL the levels above but we will also audition you or someone or something of your choosing to have at least a walk on role in one of the episodes. You also get to join us on set anytime.


AND this level includes:
The Star Gate Online Access Pass
The DVD Subscription
The Friends and family Forever Theatrical Pass and
The Producer

...basically everything, the kitchen sink, the whole kit and caboodle, but sorry, no first borns.




if you have any questions, please contact us.