The Earth is dying and the Star Kids have to save it. On their journey they meet many interesting characters who inspire, guide and mentor them as well as those who would stop them. But, in the end, they are on their own with humanities fate in thier hands.




The family is having a nice dinner but then negative energies take over.  Once things settle down they turn in for the night but then something or someone enters the house.  The police are called - and then things go from bad to worse.

EPISODE 2: Chinatown



The adventures have begun and the kids are making their way though the city.  Suddenly, Shock D starts acting really weird, wonders off and becomes lost.  In their search for her the kids end up in a strange dark alley.  The chase begins when some menacing characters appear.  On the run, the kids end up in the land of distraction and forget about everything.  


EPISODE 3: Temple of Knowledge



The kids are on the move looking for the elusive Temple of Knowledge. They suspect that Shock D possesses some kind of mysterious power, but what is it? Shock D feels that something is happening to her and makes an effort to find the temple using her new found abilities.