EPISODE 02: The Journey Begins (Coming soon!)

The adventures have begun and the kids are making their way though the city.  Suddenly, Shock D starts acting really weird, wonders off and becomes lost.  In their search for her the kids end up in a strange dark alley.  The chase begins when some menacing characters appear.  On the run, the kids end up in a place where they get totally distracted and forget about everything.  

Trailers & Clips

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The Making of

Production Photos

Cast & Crew Credits


Additional Credits

Associate Producer - Patricia Darling

Sound - James Israelson

Assistant Art Director - Shelly

B-roll Camera - Michael Kurry

Green Hummer/Transport - Mario Miniserio

Hair - Francesca Route

Production Assistant - Daniel Gofeld

Production Assistant - Melanie Ministerio

Production Assistant - Melissa Ministerio


Special Thanks to:

Uwajimaya and Alan Hamada

Kikuniya Books and Satoshi and Shigeki Sasagawa

Al of the Four Seas Restaurant

Tony Ou and the International Lion Dance Team

And the Chinese Business Association











The New TV Series is in Development!


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