The Star Kids Movie is all about positive values and how we can share our unique gifts to change the world. 


Are you a Star Kid? Then what are you waiting for? Let's create a video and enter the contest! 


Need some motivation? Check out these Reel Star Kids who are shakin' things up, takin' names and making adults squirm in their chairs!  It's our world too and we can't just sit idly by while they mess it all up!


Ok great! Now that you're motivated - it's time to get to work! 


Need tips on how to make a good film or video?  We've gathered some of the many experts on the subject below.


Now good luck and carry on!!

2014 Star Kids YouTube Video Contest

Save the world! Win Prizes!


1st Price $100 High school, $75 Middle, $50 upper elementary, $25 lower elementary.  Various cool prizes will be awarded for second place.


The winner will be announced at the Star Kids Holiday event at Central Cinema in Seattle on Dec 15th. But you don't need to be in Seattle to enter. You could be a secret agent living in a snow cave in Antarctica for all we care!  Although, in that case it might be kinda hard to send you your prizes.  Anyway, even if you don't win, you and your family are invited to the party! And the videos will be featured on the Star Kids Movie website too!


  1. Be of elementary, middle or high school age.

  2. Record your own video (use any camera, even phone cams) focusing on how you (or someone you know) make a difference in the world with your talents, time, or interests or you can create a video on the theme of “Love,” “Peace,” “Truth,” or “Unity”.

  3. Your video can be 3 -10 minutes long.

  4. Be creative.  Make it powerful, interesting, real, emotional! The video can be of any type, interview, short film, presentation, animation etc.  Need help? We give some tips below.

  5. When you're done, upload your video to YouTube and email us the link for your video at: Don't forget to include your fullname, your parents name(s), your age. The name of your film and a short description.

  6. Please submit no later than midnight Feb 28th, 2013!


DEADLINE - February 1st. 2014

If you want to do animation. is the easiest animation tool we've seen so far.